Using Ring Magnets to Find Your Lost Items

If you are an avid geocaching enthusiast and treasure hunter, then use this quick guide to include ring magnets in your next geocaching adventure. With the use of ring magnets, you will be able to creatively hide your treasures while making exciting challenges for other geocachers.

The first thing you will need to do is to get a good, solid, hard-wearing ring magnet. You will also need a very strong magnet. It should also be at least one-half inches in diameter so that it can easily be inserted into your pocket or purse to secure any precious objects inside. The key to getting a great magnet is to purchase the largest possible magnet that fits your pocket.

Next, place the magnetic object in your pocket with the most room around it. For instance, if you are going to be using two small-sized magnets, place them side-by-side and then position them on the ground so that they have plenty of room to move freely.

You will then need to place one large magnet on each side of your large magnet. Place the smaller-sized magnet on top of the larger magnet and then place the larger-sized magnet inside the smaller-sized magnet.

After you have done this, place your smaller-sized magnetic object inside the larger magnet. When you have done this, the magnet will be able to hold onto your small-sized magnet and will prevent it from falling off when the larger magnet is used.

If you are going to be doing geocaching and treasure hunting with a partner, then placing a small-sized ring magnet on each side of the larger-sized magnet will make for an effective treasure hunt. By using these two unique items to help you track your objects, you will be able to successfully locate, retrieve and share your found items safely.

There are several great things that can be done with ring magnets. For example, if you have small items such as coins, beads or other jewelry then you can simply insert the ring magnet into your pocket and place the small item inside of the ring magnet. Then place your small item into the larger-sized magnet and put the larger magnet on the ground. As you find your small item, then place the larger-sized magnet in the smaller-sized magnet and place the small item inside of the large magnet.

Another great use of ring magnets is for finding a lost friend or loved one. Imagine how exciting it would be to find that person’s lost wallet, keys or identification! using ring magnets! By utilizing this method, it will be easier to find your loved one or friend due to the way that these items can be easily hidden.

One last great way of using ring magnets in your geocaching adventure is to create a magnetic sign to advertise your business or shop. These magnets can be placed on a post or a fence. When a passing geocacher sees the post or fence, he will see the name and address of your business and if your magnetic sign is located near the post or the fence, he will see your shop.