Power Cords, the Same as You Know

Power Cords, the Same as You Know

The hottest power cable manufacturers in the uk are Black and 18awg, plus they’re in two distinct varieties. One is for light industrial use and also the other one is much more suited for usage in industrial settings and heavy duty applications. Which one should you go with?

If you are trying to buy a cord for heavy duty use, then the best choice is the 18awg. Why? Because the average 18awg will be used in a commercial setting and will have to support either a light bulb and a air compressor. With both of these things running at precisely the same time, it could get quite noisy… and some people have suggested that buying the cheaper 14awg power cord may be a good idea. You’ll simply need to remember that when you run these lights and blowers and air conditioners also such you don’t need a lot of power. In industrial or commercial settings, you would probably want to go with a heavier duty model.

So what is the distinction between the two cords? Well, firstly, the shorter cord (and shorter cord extension also!) Has less current than the 18awg. However, that does not mean that it is any less powerful! What they have got going for them is that they don’t corrode, crack or break, so there’s no point in purchasing one of these. And they both have black horn wires, which can be a definite and if you would like to match your gear – you can just throw the other one in the wash.

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