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Magnetic Bar

Neodymium bars (abbreviated as Nd or NaD for short) are the newest member of the widely used and reliable metal magnetic family. It has a number of advantages over other magnetic products, making it an ideal choice for many applications. The unique use of neodymium bar Magnets makes them ideal for both industrial and residential applications. It is also incredibly durable and strong, which makes it a great product for applications where wear and tear are a concern. Its strength and malleability make it easy to create intricate shapes. Neodymium is also used in the creation of precision bearings and other high-tech mechanical parts by means of its ability to maintain its shape.

Neodymium Bar Magnets

The myriad application options of neodymium magnetic bar/rod sets. Clasp for thin fine jewelry. Neodymium is particularly useful for crafting sculptures such as figurines, bowls, cups and wine glasses. Creative home furnishings/recreatures. Another highlight of these versatile power sets: Neodymium magnified magnets can be broken down on the flat black magnetic areas to form a new north and/or south pole.

Neodymium is available in a number of different finishes. Polished neodymium gives a high polish finish, while Matt black Neodymium is extremely low maintenance and is the preferred polishing finish. Neodymium magnetic parts are often crafted using two or more magnets. For instance, two bar magnets attached to a larger bar magnet will create a larger diameter than simply having one magnetic bar. Some of the most common uses of this product are in the creation of jewelry, art pieces and medical implants.

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