Sphere Family

A New Addition to the Sphere Family

It is a very exciting time in science – with the development of revolutionary new technology and revolutionary new ways to utilize the power of magnets, many exciting technologies are emerging that can be used for many things – be it helping us achieve amazing feats or being employed as “spaceship components” on distant worlds. Magnetic Spheres have been a fairly well-known scientific concept and have had great influence on our daily lives in terms of “What’s Around The Corner?”

We see spheres, large (over ten inches), as benign little balls that make holes in objects they strike. But what about spheres that make solid walls of magnetized iron? These “gravity spheres” – or spheres that have their magnetic field inside the sphere itself – are a relatively new addition to the sphere family and are extremely interesting to think about.

These new spheres have a number of properties that can be very useful, especially in areas where free space is short. They are lightweight, make excellent walls for robots, and of course are fascinating to think about.

At the heart of these spheres is what are called Nanofibers, which are one hundred times thinner than a human hair. They are so thin, in fact, that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. But if you shine a powerful light on them, they will turn into a perfect sphere. They’re so strong that they can be wound around a helicopter blade without the rotor blade breaking and can be used as an elevator shaft!

What’s most interesting about these spheres is that their small size makes them extremely light and easy to work with, which is great news for small businesses. These spheres could make some of those things you use on a daily basis in your home much, much lighter and more efficient, which is something we all want.

The reason why these spheres are so light is because of their composition. The steel has a stronger metal content than it would have if they were made of other materials, which allows for a lower density. This reduces the weight and increases the strength, which improves its ability to perform tasks such as holding a magnet in place.

In recent years there have been a number of breakthroughs in the engineering world that have led to a variety of new spheres. There is even a method of manufacturing these spheres using a new type of manufacturing process that makes them even lighter and smaller.

We are almost there – remember, they will soon be playing a more important role in our everyday lives. More companies and inventors are putting these spheres to the test – we are going to find out how well these new spheres work in a variety of applications.